Statue of Robert Louis Stevenson as a boy

As a child, Robert Louis Stevenson frequently visited the manse in Colinton, where his maternal grandfather, Dr Lewis Balfour, lived while he was the Minister of the Parish Church. A bronze statue of Robert Louis Stevenson as a boy with his dog is to be situated for the small garden just outside the Colinton Parish Church gate. Its size has been chosen to fit in with the surroundings. The designer is Alan Herriot, of Endeavour Art Studios, near Howgate, Penicuik.

Planning permission was attained in July 2011 for the statue along with the poetry plaques and public artwork at the Triangle.

The plans for the statue have evolved from the sketch and the photomontage shown below.

Sketch of RLS as a boy, with dog


Photomontage of one of the early designs to show the approximate
size and location of the statue

In spring 2013, the statue was progressing well. A clay maquette, the stage before casting, was almost complete. The photo and video clip below are from the beginning of June 2013.

UPDATE - September 2013

The statue of Robert Louis Stevenson as a boy, with dog, is now cast in bronze. It is yet to undergo its final chemical process - patination. That will darken the bronze down to the more familiar darker colour used for statues.

It will be unveiled on the afternoon of Saturday 26th October 2013 by the author Ian Rankin - a fan of the works of Robert Louis Stevenson.

A close inspection of this view of the statue shows him having two books, one on his knee and the other in his pocket. This is explained in his work Essays of Robert Louis Stevenson.

I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in.